Our BE EPIC Values

Balance, Empowerment, Enthusiasm, Passion, Integrity, and Consistency—our BE EPIC Values define who we are on and off the job. We’re looking for passionate, committed associates who embody our BE EPIC Values in their interactions with our guests and with each other.

Balance - Understanding one’s priorities and actively balancing them to feel fulfilled.

The vacation industry is all about recharging, and we encourage our associates to pursue personal interests, activities, and relationships that leave them feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Empowerment - We nurture and believe in our associates’ abilities and entrust them to deliver heartfelt service.

Our associates are the driving force behind our success. Empowerment is seen in the way associates take ownership of their roles and the way we trust them to display our BE EPIC Values. It’s also seen in the ongoing training and development we offer. We give associates the opportunity to hone their talents and demonstrate their skills.

Enthusiasm - We don’t stop at “good enough.” We keep going until we get there.

From vacation planning to departure, our associates exude genuine excitement and an all-out commitment to hospitality. Instead of simply doing their jobs, our associates find ways to go above and beyond—perhaps supporting a colleague or helping families plan their activities. Guests can’t help but catch the enthusiasm.

Passion - We are passionate about our service culture. Providing amazing service isn’t just out duty, it’s our pleasure.

“Love what you do, and love who you do it with.” Our team-oriented mindset makes working together a real joy. It also fuels our motivation as we serve each other and our guests.

Integrity - If we say it, we mean it. We do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

Our BE EPIC Values are something we live out every day in our interactions with each other and our guests. Integrity is also seen in the way we strive to be authentic and genuine in what we say and do.

Consistency - Our guests and owners trust us to deliver service excellence that is dependable and consistent at every interaction.

Guests love that when they travel to any Grand Pacific Resorts property they can expect the same heartfelt service that they receive at their home resort. We expect a high level of performance from our associates as the rule—not the exception—because it is consistency that wins brand recognition and loyalty.


We’re committed to our collective success, and it shows in the way we support one another as we strive to embody our BE EPIC values in our personal and professional lives.

Our associates’ dedication to BE EPIC is recognized monthly, quarterly, and annually, including our Best of the Best awards dinner. Who knows, you could be our next Associate of the Year!

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