How Easy Is It for Your Owners to Get Assistance?

By providing a superior customer service experience, you make it easier for owners to get the information they need, which increases use rates and decreases delinquencies.That’s why resolving requests through our centralized owner services center is a value-added component from our management company.

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In Pursuit of the Crown

Participation in the RCI Resort Recognition Program has a substantial impact on our associations, helping them to identify potential new owners and generate revenue in the meantime. Guests who fall in love with a resort may very well buy a week.

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Walk, Garden, Golf & Game for Good

Your vacation is about so much more than the resort. It’s about the local community, too. That’s why Grand Pacific Resorts is committed to giving back in the destinations we serve. Here are a few of the things we’ve been up to recently.

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Hanalei Bay Resort Sip ‘N Share

Welcome to the Hanalei Bay Resort Ohana!


Coronado Beach Resort Sip ‘N Share

At Coronado Beach Resort, “They Treat Us Like Family”


Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort Sip ‘N Share

Resort Owners Relax at “the Gem” of Carlsbad Village


The Best Father’s Day Gift Idea for the Best Dad Ever

Kristina G. gave her husband a huge gift when she entered him in our 2016 Father’s Day contest. She praised his work ethic and giving nature, which won the family a one-week vacation anywhere in the world with GPX.

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Surprise! Mom’s Going to Hawaii with GPX

We celebrated Mother’s Day by surprising 80-year-old Julie with a GPX vacation! Julie is an amazing mother and grandmother, and her daughter Janet jumped at the chance to enter her mom in our Mother’s Day story contest.

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Gardening for Good with North County Community Services

Preschoolers in Oceanside, California, are enjoying fresh, organic produce from a three-quarter acre lot maintained by North County Community Services. Bronner Field produces 4,000 pounds …

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